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In today’s world of online promotion, legal firms need an established presenceTo stay ahead.

Why Law Firms Need Quality Content ?

Your initial reaction might be “We don’t need more articles on our website!”  

While that initial reaction might be true, it’s more than likely that you don’t have as deep a digital coverage as you could (and should).

So, why should you look for further quality content for your website?

Gets you more digital visibility and traffic

In today’s legal field, strong competition in both the physical and digital worlds means that you can find it a struggle to stay foremost in the crowd (and the search results)!

Quality content for your web page helps you hit the top of the search rankings for relevant topics for two main reasons:

1. You have well-optimized SEO in a human-readable article. 

2. The article delivers value to a visitor, making referrals/repeat visits more likely.

While you might have a strong basis of initial content, writing additional relevant articles can direct further traffic to your website and net you valuable additional clients.

Educates clients on legal matters

How often do you take a case where your client has seemingly zero idea of what the law around them says or does?

How many times have you had to tell your clients not to wear flip-flops and sunglasses in the courtroom?

In short: how much time have you spent educating your clients on relatively simple matters about how the law and legal proceedings work?

The answer is probably too much – and disclosing this information can be required both by law and by your ethical code.  That’s something that quality content can help with!  

By having a good resource to send to your clients, you are able to streamline the process of bringing them up to speed. 

Rather than a prolonged conversation, email chain, or phone call, you can simply direct them to your website and ask them to send any questions they have after they’ve read the relevant article.

That means more time to work on what really matters: understanding your client’s case and preparing to represent them to the highest possible!

Builds trust and credibility

If you’re looking to attract clients or promote your business via the Internet, you can’t use in-person techniques. Clients won’t be captivated by your attitude or authoritativeness in person because they aren’t meeting you!

Instead, you need to showcase this on a website, and ensuring your commitments, ideologies, and approaches are well-documented is a great start as it gives a potential client something to hook onto.

However, the internet is riddled with random websites that claim to have strong expertise in a variety of fields. Some of them do – but many don’t. So, how do you make sure people know you’re the real deal?

Having a variety of articles on your website showcasing your knowledge and your ability to impart that knowledge is key to building a potential client’s trust and confidence in you.

Showcases past successes and case studies

When clients look for a law firm to take their case, they’re usually looking for someone who has a proven track record in the field.

Nobody wants John Smith from Tiny Legal Firm to take their case if they can’t find any record of Tiny Legal Firm winning a case!

Properly-written content can help showcase your previous successes or give even further detail on a particular case that you took which led to a great outcome for your client.

All of this will help you to demonstrate to prospective clients why you are fit to take on their case.

What Clockwork Copy Can Do For Your Law Firm / Our Services

blog posts

Informational articles

Business/Finance Content


Opinion pieces & creative writing

News hot topics

Case Studies

Website content

We offer quality copy at a fraction of the price of comparable services.

Whether you’re looking for a quick 1000-word article on a brief legal concept or a full homepage, we’re able to provide quality writing to serve your firm’s digital interests!

The Clockwork Difference

Content for humans, by humans

Nobody wants to read keyword-stuffed, barely coherent, terribly structured content. We don’t think anybody really wants to present that to their potential clients, either!

That’s why we ensure that the content we make is written with a human audience top of mind.

No longer will your website’s visitors have to push through the SEO jungle; instead, they’ll have an informative, high-quality article to read that pushes all of Google’s buttons, too.

In-house, Native-English writers

When we say native English, we mean it. All of our writers have professional- or university-level backgrounds or qualifications in writing in English.

No more guesswork as to whether your content really will be grammatically correct. When we say native English, we mean it!

Clockwork Consistency

In the past, you may have received a great article from a content writer and been eager to continue working with them – only to receive badly written pieces for your next three orders.

Not with Clockwork Copy!

There’s a reason we’ve called ourselves Clockwork: we pride ourselves on ensuring the highest degrees of both quality and consistency in our content.

You can be sure that the content you receive will be of the same high-quality standard, no matter if it’s a quick update to an existing article or a many-thousand-word deep dive on a niche topic!

How It Works

1. We assign your article to the writer whose expertise best matches your topic.

2. You purchase a package with us and send through the requirements, instructions, and any other material needed to create your article.

3. We check through the material you’ve sent us and ask for any further clarification that we need.

4. We send the article right through to you so you can see it ASAP!

Pricing and Packages

$80 Per 1,000 Words

Native-english Writers

Zero Plagiarism Policy

Publish Ready!

Best-practice Search Engine Optimization

Up-to-date Research


$0.08 Per Word


Or about blog posts!

(Minimum orders start from 10,000 words. Please take a look at the type of order guidelines and instructions that we work with before placing an order.)


It’s Really That Simple. Ready To Give Us A Try With Our Tester Package? 

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