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Secure your online success with our optimized and expertly designed eCommerce sites.

Unlock Your Site's Potential with DFY eCommerce Site Service

Unlock Your Site's Potential with DFY eCommerce Site Service

Troubled by the complexities of building an eCommerce site? Our DFY eCommerce Site service takes the uncertainty out of the process and gives you a head start over the competition.

Our team of experts will construct your eCommerce site from the ground up, managing everything from design and content to optimization.

Save valuable time and rest assured that your site is fully optimized for SEO and poised to maximize revenue.

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What to Expect

High-Value Niche

Identify a niche with high ROI potential based on your interests.

Revenue Breakdown

Showcase similar sites' earnings for practical monetization strategies.

World-Class Content

Uniquely crafted content by college-educated native writers.

Powerful Foundations

Robust foundations using premium themes, plugins, and practices.

Optimized for Organic Search

SEO-ready for optimal search engine rankings from the start.

New Content Opportunities

Detailed spreadsheets for future content growth and opportunities.

What Our Customers Say

Sophie D.
Sophie D.

I had just bought an online business and needed help brainstorming growth ideas, as well as any easy tech changes to improve traffic or conversion. I got a really easy to follow report back within days. High quality, relevant and actionable. Thank you very much!

Michael W.
Michael W.

The team are an excellent group of website operators. They know SEO inside and out, and were able to do the heavy lifting of creating content outlines, creating excellent content, and help getting it onto WordPress. Highly recommended! And reasonable prices.

Ian S.
Ian S.

They were responsive and created a great plan to improve CRO on our key offers and also created a successful content plan for the site. Saswata was our site manager and we have nothing but good things to say about him: super responsive, very knowledgeable, and seemed to really care about the success of our site.

Keith L.
Keith L.

They quickly resolved my technical SEO concerns. I had a bunch of issues that I was worried were impacting my site but after they analyzed my site and traffic, he clearly explained what was happening and gave me some tips on what I can do going forward. Will definitely come back to hire these guys again.

Emily G.
Emily G.

This team took care of my site through the helpful content update. I felt like my site was in good hands: they had a good plan to move my site forward, adjusted the plan when required, and were quick to complete tasks. Great with communication, questions, and requests. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Our eCommerce Site Pricing

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50,000 Words


The Wave

100,000 Words


Ready To Order or Questions?

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Could you elaborate on the procedure?

Our method is detailed below:

  1. First, an upfront payment is required to place the order.
  2. Next, selecting the right niche is crucial. We constantly evaluate potential business sales and expertly select specific niches, sending them to you for consideration. Niches associated with businesses for sale have already been proven to be successful, making them a solid choice.
  3. After deciding on a niche, our team designs numerous strategy reports including content plans, competitive and product analyses. These comprehensive reports help shape your business and are presented to you for feedback.
  4. We then construct your website using the Shopify platform. We utilize a standard theme and make basic customizations (like altering layout, colors, and adding a logo) to suit your business.
  5. We design templates for your product and collection pages.
  6. Our team then generates blog content, the volume of which will depend on the package you've purchased. This content is carefully structured, formatted, optimized, and placed on your website.
  7. Lastly, after completing the website, we transfer authority to you, with scope for reviewing our work and posing any questions you may have. We offer 60 days of free email support after the sale.
    Our pipeline is efficient, and our team provides you with weekly updates each Wednesday.

What is the usual time needed for delivery?

Our goal is to complete all projects within a 45-day timeframe. Nevertheless, this timeframe might fluctuate based on our current workload. If you decide to place an order, we will provide you a detailed timeline, and in case of any delay, we will promptly inform you. Our focus is on delivering quality work while maintaining transparent communication.

Do you provide physical products?

The prime objective of building a website for you is to construct an SEO-optimized e-commerce store that's concentrated on a profitable niche. What we aim for is an influx of organic traffic that can be converted into sales over time.

However, we don't arrange for the sourcing of products or manage eCom logistics. You will be responsible for managing these post-sales.

We provide a detailed report with data and metrics of products related to the selected niche, which you can utilise to plan product sourcing accordingly.

How long does it take for a DFY eCommerce website to start showing results?

Based on our experience with former clients and our own eCommerce sites, it ranges anywhere from 6 to 12 months to begin noticing initial results. However, the yield might vary depending on the level of effort you put into it post site development.

Are there any ongoing costs affiliated with a DFY eCommerce site?

Yes, besides the initial set-up cost, you may need to account for additional costs such as the monthly Shopify fees (approximately $29/mo).

How can I contact the support team?

We use a ticketing system to address issues or concerns. You can submit a ticket, and our team will respond to your query within a day.