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Dominate Your Niche with a
Custom Local SEO Site

Fast-track your growth with a custom-made DFY Local SEO site, expertly crafted and optimized.

Accelerate Your Growth with Our DFY Local SEO Site Service

Accelerate Your Growth with Our DFY Local SEO Site Service

Struggling with the intricacies of creating a local SEO strategy? Our DFY Local SEO service eliminates the guesswork and prepares you for success.

Our expert team will create your local SEO website from scratch, handling everything from the design and content to optimization.

Free up your valuable time and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your site is fully optimized for SEO with a promising potential to boost revenue.

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What to Expect

Niche Selection

We aid in choosing a profitable niche and location for website dominance.

Site Creation

We craft professional websites designed to turn visitors into leads. No tech expertise required.

Search Visibility

Your website will be optimized for local search, getting spotted by the right customers.

Lead Generation

Systems are implemented to gather valuable leads and directly deliver them to you.

Passive Income

Locate local businesses needing leads and rent your website or wholesale leads to them.

Business Expansion

We provide advice on client management, portfolio expansion, and income maximization.

What Our Customers Say

Sophie D.
Sophie D.

I had just bought an online business and needed help brainstorming growth ideas, as well as any easy tech changes to improve traffic or conversion. I got a really easy to follow report back within days. High quality, relevant and actionable. Thank you very much!

Michael W.
Michael W.

The team are an excellent group of website operators. They know SEO inside and out, and were able to do the heavy lifting of creating content outlines, creating excellent content, and help getting it onto WordPress. Highly recommended! And reasonable prices.

Ian S.
Ian S.

They were responsive and created a great plan to improve CRO on our key offers and also created a successful content plan for the site. Saswata was our site manager and we have nothing but good things to say about him: super responsive, very knowledgeable, and seemed to really care about the success of our site.

Keith L.
Keith L.

They quickly resolved my technical SEO concerns. I had a bunch of issues that I was worried were impacting my site but after they analyzed my site and traffic, he clearly explained what was happening and gave me some tips on what I can do going forward. Will definitely come back to hire these guys again.

Emily G.
Emily G.

This team took care of my site through the helpful content update. I felt like my site was in good hands: they had a good plan to move my site forward, adjusted the plan when required, and were quick to complete tasks. Great with communication, questions, and requests. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Our DFY Local SEO Sites Pricing

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10,000 Words


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30,000 Words


Ready To Order or Questions?

Fill out details of your project or questions below. We will get back to you in 24 hours.


Could you elaborate on the procedure?

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Initial order and upfront payment
  2. Selection of a local city and niche – we will guide you in identifying a local industry with low competition in a city of your preference. Choosing a city closer to you and with a smaller population is highly recommended.
  3. Strategic Reports – We proceed with the creation of strategic reports, including content strategies, competitor research, and lead acquisition plans. These are shared with you for your input.
  4. Website development – On WordPress, we design your website, using a ready-made theme, adjusted to suit your brand (layout, logo, colors).
  5. Service page creation – dedicated service pages for your business are created.
  6. Blog content creation – our team produces, formats, optimizes, and publishes content for the website's blog based on your package.
  7. Site Transfer and Query Management – Once our work is done, the site is handed over to you. We are open for any questions or reviews. We also extend support for 60 days through email after completion.

With a process like ours, you can expect regular updates on the progress of our work.

What does Rank & Rent entail?

Rank & Rent is a model for generating leads that involve the creation and optimization of websites for local niches and locations. The goal is to ensure high ranking on search engines such as Google.

The lead-generating websites are then rented to local businesses for a regular monthly income. An alternative is selling potential customer leads to these businesses. It's a scalable model that supports local businesses and offers a steady income stream.

What is the average completion time?

Our goal is to complete all tasks within 45 days. The timeline, however, depends on our current workload. All this will be communicated when the order is being made. In the case of delays, we will update you.

We always put quality over quantity and promote transparency.

When will I start seeing results?

SEO is not instantaneous; it builds up over time. While we apply tested strategies to speed up ranking and lead generation, we cannot guarantee immediate results due to the numerous factors influencing rankings.

The aim is to equip the website with a solid foundation for flourishing.

Do I need any technical expertise?

No. Our DFY service takes care of the technical particulars of website creation, SEO, and lead capturing systems.

Can I select my niche and location?

Certainly, we collaborate with you to spot a profitable niche and place. However, we may provide guidance to verify your choices have a strong possibility of success.

How do I locate businesses for website rental or lead acquisition?

Ideally, local businesses that invest in paid adverts, SEO, or other marketing strategies are the best. It indicates their willingness to allocate budget on these activities. If you bring them valuable leads that can be converted into customers, they likely have the funds to pay for them.

How can I reach customer service after hiring?

In case of questions or issues, you will have access to a ticketing system where you can post your queries. We pledge to reply within a 24 hour time frame.