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(Please take a look at the type of order guidelines and instructions that we work with before placing an order.)

**Fair Warning**: To ensure that we always fulfill the highest quality and customer service expectations in the industry, we stop taking orders completely once we’ve reached our current capacity limit. Thank you for understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Real Native-English Writers, Passionate about your topic

  • Extensive, Fact-Checked Research

  • Double-Verified for Zero Plagiarism

  • Best-Practices On-Page SEO Optimization
    • Main keyword placement at the beginning and end of the piece
    • Secondary keywords naturally added throughout
    • Structured, balanced keyword/copy headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
    • Meta description included

  • Publish-Ready Guarantee- Written For Humans, Optimized For Machines
    • We won’t try to sound fancy here with buzzwords and features that don’t actually mean anything. Whether it takes 2 rounds of edits or 20, rest assured that your content won’t see the light of day until we can say with a straight face that it’s publish-worthy!

As each piece of writing is ready, it will be linked as a Google Doc onto a shared Tracking Spreadsheet for you to access straight away. No “Extra Fee for Drip-Feed content” nonsense here!

We always endeavor to deliver 10,000 publish-ready words every 5 business days.

So, 20,000 words would take 10 business days, 30,000 words would take 15 business days, and so on.

For clients that order in bulk (55,000+), we’ll work closely with you to understand your specific deadlines and speed up production as necessary.

Sometimes your content may take a little bit longer, as passionate writers are prone to going over every painstaking detail when they’re making sure words are crafted just right.

We hope you understand, and trust us: The result will be worth the wait!

Unfortunately, we’re unable to produce content on the following:

● Adult/18+/Sexual topics
● Illegal topics
● Gambling-related topics
● Drugs/smoking-related topics
● Medical and legal advice that requires professional expertise

If you’re unsure whether your order falls into one of the categories above reach out to us before placing it and we’ll let you know ASAP!

Long-form blog posts, informational articles, and opinion pieces (all crafted by skilled, passionate writers with plenty of personality) are our bread and butter.

If you want your content to be “Helpful” (shoutout to Google) and to stand out amongst the masses of generic, Surfer-SEO’d-to-death drivel that’s currently out there- we’d say we’re your best bet!

However, that’s not all we can do. We are also supremely talented with:

  • Sales copy- B2B and B2C content
  • Instructional/How-to
  • Creative pieces
  • News hot topics
  • Case studies
  • Website content
  • Product roundups and descriptions

One major point of differentiation with other content agencies is that we’re very hesitant to write product reviews/comparisons (except for certain software).

This is because it’s extremely difficult to produce anywhere close to a top-quality review if we don’t actually own the product, or have access to test it out.

And if we don’t think we can produce the best content for something- we’re just not going to do it!

Regurgitated, unoriginal product reviews have been targeted heavily by Google over the last two years, and that’s just not something we’re going to waste our clients’ time and money over.

If you really want to engage us to write product reviews, please contact us first to see how we can make it work.

If you find yourself unable to make an order through our website, it simply means that we’re at max capacity and aren’t taking on any new clients for the time being!

While this may sound counterintuitive to “making more moneys”, it actually makes perfect sense to us because:

  1. We don’t want to overburden our writers to the point where they can’t deliver their best work; and
  2. We never want to compromise on the quality and service that we deliver to our current, highly-valued customers.

Not to worry though. Shoot us an email at or contact us here, and we’ll be happy to notify you when capacity opens back up!