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Dominate Your Niche with a
Strategic SEO Topical Map

Transform your content strategy with a comprehensive roadmap to industry authority.

Achieve Top Rankings with Our SEO Topical Map Service

Achieve Top Rankings with Our SEO Topical Map Service

Are you finding it difficult to establish online authority? Our topical map service crafts a clear, strategic blueprint your website needs.

By addressing content gaps and optimizing for search intent, we structure and interlink your topics to make your website an indispensable resource for both users and search engines.

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What to Expect

Detailed Competitor Gap Analysis

Identify content opportunities and outperform your industry with our in-depth competitor analysis.

Targeted Topic Discovery

Leverage advanced keyword research and search intent insights to uncover high-value topics.

Strategic Content Framework

Develop a hierarchical content structure that guides your topical dominance.

Seamless Implementation Strategy

Receive tailored guidance to integrate your topical map smoothly into your site's content plan.

What Our Customers Say

Sophie D.
Sophie D.

I had just bought an online business and needed help brainstorming growth ideas, as well as any easy tech changes to improve traffic or conversion. I got a really easy to follow report back within days. High quality, relevant and actionable. Thank you very much!

Michael W.
Michael W.

The team are an excellent group of website operators. They know SEO inside and out, and were able to do the heavy lifting of creating content outlines, creating excellent content, and help getting it onto WordPress. Highly recommended! And reasonable prices.

Ian S.
Ian S.

They were responsive and created a great plan to improve CRO on our key offers and also created a successful content plan for the site. Saswata was our site manager and we have nothing but good things to say about him: super responsive, very knowledgeable, and seemed to really care about the success of our site.

Keith L.
Keith L.

They quickly resolved my technical SEO concerns. I had a bunch of issues that I was worried were impacting my site but after they analyzed my site and traffic, he clearly explained what was happening and gave me some tips on what I can do going forward. Will definitely come back to hire these guys again.

Emily G.
Emily G.

This team took care of my site through the helpful content update. I felt like my site was in good hands: they had a good plan to move my site forward, adjusted the plan when required, and were quick to complete tasks. Great with communication, questions, and requests. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

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What is a topical map, and why do I need one?

A topical map outlines the essential content your website needs to establish authority in your niche. It helps search engines recognize your expertise, leading to better rankings, targeted traffic, and increased brand visibility.

What is the expected turnaround time?

We aim to complete the service within 14 business days. If there any delays, we will let you know ASAP.

Do you guide the implementation of the topical map on my website?

Yes, we provide comprehensive guidance. Our team collaborates closely with you to seamlessly integrate the topical map into your site’s architecture and content strategy.

Can you align my existing content with the new topical map?

Absolutely. We assess your current content and offer recommendations to optimize or repurpose it to fit the new topical structure effectively.

Will I need to redesign my website to implement a topical map?

Not necessarily. Implementing a topical map involves organizing and linking content strategically rather than a full redesign. We aim to work within your site’s existing framework, suggesting changes only when they significantly enhance SEO outcomes.

What results can I expect from implementing a topical map, and how soon?

Results vary based on your niche competitiveness and current SEO status. However, many clients start seeing improvements in traffic, keyword rankings, and topical authority within a few months of adopting a topical map strategy.

How will I receive my topical map?

Your topical map will be delivered through an organized Google Sheet. This format offers a comprehensive overview of:

  1. Topic hierarchy: Gain insight into how your primary topic is segmented into subtopics and sub-subtopics.
  2. Keyword clusters: Identify clusters of related keywords to focus on within each topic area.
  3. Content recommendations: Receive suggestions for new content creation and optimizations for your existing content.
  4. URL Structure Suggestions: (If applicable) Receive guidance on structuring your website URLs to align seamlessly with your topical map.