Clockwork Copy

3 Reasons Why Choosing Us Is A No-Brainer

1. The Highest Standard Of Work, Every Time.

There’s a reason why we call ourselves Clockwork.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from 20+ years of NBA fandom (Phoenix Suns, for the win!), it’s that consistency is what separates the role players from the superstars.

And because we’re truly in it to win it, our sole objective is to produce the best piece of writing that we can.

Every. Single. Time.

 Our highly-qualified team of native English writers and editors have been trained to never allow even the slightest error to survive past the first draft submission- let alone make it in front of a client!

It doesn’t matter if your order is 1000 words or a million, you can be certain that it will be beautifully written, perfectly engaging, and Google-ready by the time it arrives in your inbox.     

(And if it’s somehow not to your liking, we’ll revise it until it’s right.)

All there will be left for you to do is to press Publish– and start reaping the rewards!

2. NO Plagiarism. Ever.

The last thing any website owner wants to wake up to is a DMCA Takedown Notice.

The last thing any website owner wants to wake up to is a DMCA Takedown Notice, asserting that their content– for which a pretty penny was paid, mind you- was in fact copied from competitors.

By golly, how could this happen? The content was checked through Copyscape Premium!”

 Let me tell you from personal, painful experience:

Passing Copyscape doesn’t mean sh*t. 

Please excuse my colorful language, but content agencies delivering plagiarized writing really gets my blood boiling.

When the content already isn’t worth the price- and then you find out it was copied too?


And sadly, more common than you think as well.

(Cue everyone furiously checking their websites)

To me, “Copyscape-checked” is so often a cop-out; a convenient way for many subpar content providers to feign competence and to pretend that they care about the work they produce for clients.

At Clockwork, we don’t just rely on one, lonely plagiarism-checking tool.

We put every piece of writing through (at the present time) two different, highly-regarded alternatives with the idea that not even a single copied phrase makes it through.

If one of our writers is found to have plagiarized, even once? They’re gone, effective immediately. No second chances.

To us, this is the only way that clients can rest easy knowing that not only is their content of the highest quality- it’s guaranteed to be completely original as well!

3. The Fairest Prices In The (Content) Land.

If you’ve been in the website game for a while, you’ll know that it’s very difficult to find content agencies or freelance writers that can produce consistently excellent content.

Excellent content, at an equally exceptional rate? Fuggedaboutit!  

Until now, that is.

If you’ve seen the level of our content but not taken a look at our Prices yet, you’ll want to do that immediately. Go on, we’ll wait for you.

And now that you’re jaw-dropped by our rates, you’ll no doubt be wondering:

“How are you able to achieve this? Is it dark magic?!”

 While that’d be pretty cool, the answer is a little less exciting.

A combination of pre-existing, private connections and creatively-constructed partnerships has meant that we’re able to bring on extremely talented writers at a rate that works for everyone involved.

A little less greed on our part means a bigger win for our clients– and we’ll take that deal every day (and twice on Tuesdays)!

Our Pricing for Breathtaking Content

$80 Per 1,000 Words

Native-english Writers

Zero Plagiarism Policy

Publish Ready!

Best-practice Search Engine Optimization

Up-to-date Research


$0.08 Per Word


Or about blog posts!

(Minimum orders start from 10,000 words. Please take a look at the type of order guidelines and instructions that we work with before placing an order.)

**Fair Warning**: To ensure that we always fulfill the highest quality and customer service expectations in the industry, we stop taking orders completely once we’ve reached our current capacity limit. Thank you for understanding!