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Customer Terms & Guarantees

We can’t wait to start dominating your niche for you. Before we can get to that, here are the terms and guarantees that apply to every Clockwork order.

Terms Of Service.

What’s Included In Each Package

  • Real Native-English Writers, matched specifically to your topic(s)
  • Title creation (if nothing has been indicated)
  • Content Brief Creation
  • Extensive, Fact-Checked Research
  • Best-Practices On-Page Search Engine Optimization
    • Main keyword placement at the beginning and end of the piece
    • Secondary keywords naturally added throughout
    • Structured, balanced keyword/copy headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • Double-Verified for Plagiarism (A combination of Copyleaks, Quetext, Copyscape,
  • Publish-Ready Guarantee: We don’t just rely on software to provide Readability reports that can be gamed. Each article is manually proofread by skilled editors, who won’t approve anything that sounds even slightly awkward or unnatural!

As each piece of writing is ready, it will be linked as a Google Doc onto a shared Tracking Spreadsheet for you to access straight away. A Google Drive folder will also be provided.

What’s NOT Included In Each Package

In order to keep our prices as lean as possible, we have to stay laser-focused on the services we provide. We don’t do:

  • Keyword research (this may be added-on as an additional service: please contact us)
  • Competitor research
  • Sourcing of appropriate images, screenshots, or graphics
  • Software-based SEO 
  • Content uploading (this may be added-on as an additional service: please contact us)
  • Keeping specific writers with one particular project/client (though we can do our best to cater to client needs)

The Types Of Content We Cover

While we are particularly proficient with blog posts, informational articles, and opinion pieces/writing with a unique voice, we can also create the following:

  • Instructional/How-to
  • News hot topics
  • Case studies
  • Website content
  • B2B and B2C blog content
  • Product descriptions

Important: We don’t do Product Reviews/Comparisons. Find out why, here.

Topics We Don’t Cover

Unfortunately, we’re unable to produce content on the following:

  • Adult/18+/Sexual topics
  • Illegal topics
  • Gambling-related topics
  • Drugs/smoking-related topics
  • Medical and legal advice that requires professional expertise

We don’t write product reviews.

If you’re unsure whether your order falls into one of the categories above, reach out to us before placing it and we’ll let you know ASAP!

What We Need From Clients In Terms Of Content Order Requirements

Due to the nature of our agency (i.e. heavy focus on beautiful, natural writing), there are certain types of instructions (and clients) that choose not to work with. Please take a look here before ordering.

For each order placed, we require clients to provide us with the following:

  • Target keyword, title, or problem to solve
  • Up to 5 secondary keywords for placement throughout article
  • Any headings or subheadings that are required
  • Any specific tone/writing style that is needed
  • Each individual article/project must be at least 500 words long.

The topic must be researchable online

    • Our writers are very skilled with words, and are generalists who are able to research just about any topic given that there are sufficient resources available. Sometimes our writers may have access to more advanced materials, such as university library databases or academic studies.

They are not subject matter experts. However we will endeavor to assign articles to writers who have interest in or are passionate about certain topics. This will help to add unique, first-hand expertise to the article to hopefully take it to the next level.

Expected Turnaround Times

Normally, as each piece of writing is ready, it will be linked as a Google Doc onto a shared Tracking Spreadsheet for you to access straight away.

We reserve the right to deliver in batches as well when required to meet certain delivery timeframes.

We always endeavor to deliver 10,000 Publish-Ready words every 7 days.

For clients that order in bulk (55,000+), we’ll work closely with you to understand your specific deadlines and speed up production as necessary.

Sometimes orders may take a little bit longer, as passionate writers are prone to going over every painstaking detail when they’re making sure words are crafted just right.

Our focus is always on the best quality of work possible, so please bear with us if things get a bit delayed.

Order Modifications And Cancellations


While we will do our best to accommodate any modification requests (canceling/changing articles, changing article instructions, and similar), these cannot be guaranteed.

This is because we get to work quickly, and the order becomes locked in once the assigned writer has begun their research and writing process.

If any modifications to orders are needed, letting us know as quickly as possible will increase the likelihood that we can help you!


Just like with modification requests, cancellations of any order will only be granted if work has yet to begin.

If work has already started, we will no longer be able to cancel the order, or provide any refunds

Our Guarantees To You.

No Contracts, Ever

You will never be required to sign any contracts to work with us, nor pay any setup or cancellation fees. You’re free to stop using our services at any time- though we suspect that you won’t want to after you’ve seen what we’re about!

Best Quality Guarantee

Here’s what we promise:

  • Every article will be extensively researched, factually accurate, and up-to-date
  • Client directions will be followed as closely as possible ( See Our Acceptable Instructions )
  • Each piece of writing will be manually proofread by skilled editors, ensuring natural readability that makes perfect sense
  • Each piece of writing will pass at least two different plagiarism checks
  • To the best of our ability, each piece of writing will be ready to be published the moment it’s delivered- without the client needing to change a thing!

Unlimited Reasonable Revisions

We have a very high expectation for ourselves when it comes to standard of work, and we rarely encounter revision requests.

However, if you’re not 100% satisfied with what’s delivered, we’ll work with you until it’s right.

We will provide unlimited Reasonable Revisions of any individual piece, provided that it is requested within 3 days of the original Delivery date.

After 3 days have elapsed following delivery of an individual piece, it will be marked as Accepted and will no longer qualify for any revisions.

Additionally, individual articles only qualify for revisions if they are still the original document that was delivered to you (i.e. not yet edited by yourself or a third party). 

What “Reasonable Revision” Means

Reasonable revisions are available for correcting any factual mistakes, grammatical/phrasing errors, or for matching the tone specified in the client’s original brief more clearly.

Reasonable Revisions do not include:

  • Requests of additional research
  • Changing the original brief or instructions
  • Requesting an increase in word count
  • Further SEO optimization
  • Requesting additional sections or information to be included
  • Requesting a change of tone than was instructed originally
  • Rewriting articles entirely

Content Ownership

Any order or article that has been accepted by a client becomes solely owned by that client. You are free to use it without any restrictions in any way you wish. We will never repurpose, republish, recycle, or redistribute any delivered content.

Full Money-Back Guarantee (Applicable To Tester Package Only)

Test us out, 100% risk free.

Let us know within 3 days of delivery if you’re not satisfied with the work, and if we somehow aren’t able to fix it for you we’ll refund the entire amount back to you immediately. Easy as that.

Following a refund, we reserve the right to retain the order in its entirety, and to use it in any way we wish.

Any Questions?

Contact us here, or by emailing us at [email protected].
To request samples of our work, click here!

Our Pricing for Breathtaking Content

$80 Per 1,000 Words

Native-english Writers

Zero Plagiarism Policy

Publish Ready!

Best-practice Search Engine Optimization

Up-to-date Research


$0.08 Per Word


Or about blog posts!

(Minimum orders start from 10,000 words. Please take a look at the type of order guidelines and instructions that we work with before placing an order.)

**Fair Warning**: To ensure that we always fulfill the highest quality and customer service expectations in the industry, we stop taking orders completely once we’ve reached our current capacity limit. Thank you for understanding!