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How We 4Xed Traffic for aDating Photography Brand

Our client,, approached us with the goal of generating content that would lead to increased traffic and leads. 

Although, they had a website for the past 6 years, their focus was not on SEO and content creation. As a result, the website received minimal organic traffic and struggled to rank for relevant niche keywords, resulting in low conversions.


What did they hire Clockwork Copy to do ?

The Match Artists’ primary goal was to increase traffic, authority, and visibility on Google. This was only possible by publishing helpful content targeting the right keywords.

To achieve their objectives, the Clockwork Copy team developed a content strategy to rank for relevant niche keywords to quickly expand their reach and online presence.

Within just a few months of publishing new content, we saw a fourfold increase in monthly pageviews, from 2,299 to 13,174.

UPDATE: As of February 2024, organic visits/clicks per day have risen to 1743 and climbing! This equates to over 50,000 visits per month from prospective customers.

Check out the details here:


Our Step-by-Step Process to Success .

We started working on the Match Artist in early May 2023. The following points show how we approached creating content for the website:

  • Initially, the website had a few published articles. But, they lacked the depth and expertise that would make them stand out in Google search results. At the time we started, the website was receiving approximately 2,299 visits per month and was ranking for 1,498 keywords based on the estimate from Ahrefs.

  • Once we received the topics and outlines, our next step was to publish high-quality content that the target audience would find helpful. This helped us create the foundation for establishing credibility and expertise in the dating photography niche.

  • Traffic is not important if it does not translate to business KPIs (more leads, more revenue). We added critical call-to-actions within the text in strategy locations to entice users. This has led to an increase in leads and thus revenues.

  • After continuing our publishing cycle for several months, we saw decent growth in keywords the site was ranking for. We saw a big spike in traffic following the October Core Update and October Spam Update. Our team has now written approximately 50 articles that rank for a total of 7,779 keywords (a 419% increase). According to Ahrefs, we were able to significantly increase the website’s traffic, which now receives approximately 13,174 visits per month (a 453% increase).

Why Was This Project Successful ?

1. Quality Brand

Before we started working, The Match Artist had already established a strong brand identity for their website.

They were interviewed by a few reputable websites, which resulted in valuable backlinks. Other than that, they also had a number of case studies published that highlighted the success stories of their customers. This gave us a strong foundation to work on.

2. Top Tier Keyword Research and Planning

The Match Artist provided us with highly relevant keywords within their niche, organized into clusters.

This ensured that each topic was thoroughly written, allowing us to establish a strong topical authority through our content. The client also provided us with outlines for the articles, which served as a blueprint for our writers and helped us streamline the content writing process.

3. Our Writing Team Had Topic Expertise

From within our writing team, we selected only those with a deep understanding of the dating niche for this project, which helped us to create articles that were highly relevant and informative for the client’s target audience.

Other than their own knowledge writers conducted thorough research on the topics to provide valuable insights, tips, and advice on dating. They also cited authoritative sources to present facts within the articles. The end result was comprehensive articles that were 1,500+ words long and covered the topic in depth.

Other than this, our writers also used original images provided by our client and created infographics when needed. They also had a good understanding of SEO, which resulted in properly formatted blog posts that were ready for publishing.

And, as the topics were already grouped into clusters, we were able to add a minimum of 3 internal links to relevant articles within the content. All of these factors together helped the content stand out, which Google rewarded by ranking them high in the search results.

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