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Radically Improve Your Home Workspace Without Breaking the Bank

These days, more people are working from home than ever before, and while their companies may often supply computers, it is the duty of most remote workers to set up their own office space. If you are new to the homework environment, you may feel pressure to complete the task, especially if you are low on money.

Here, we share some tips on how to create the perfect office environment, and how to do it without blowing your budget.

Enhance Your Productivity

When working from home, it can be easy to get distracted or see a decline in your work since you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder, so you may need some help. For starters, find an ergonomic chair that will support your back and neck while keeping you in a straight position so you can’t slouch during the workday. Along with the chair, consider a standing desk that will allow you to work on your computer but do so while standing, which will keep you upright and energized.

There are other ways that you can enhance the productivity of your office with subtle changes around the room. For instance, Verywell Mind notes that changing the paint color of your office to a color like green or blue can create a sense of calm that can help you get more work done without feeling stressed during the day.

Green can be an incredibly important color for your home office. You can also introduce this color by bringing houseplants into the room. It has been found that plants also help to increase productivity and they also help to clean the air so you can breathe better.

Regular Maintenance

Sometimes improving your workspace comes down to regular maintenance. As with clutter, dirt and dust can become an issue over time. Not only can it be unmotivating to see grime when you head into your home office, but it can bother your allergies and make you physically unwell.

Fortunately, it’s a simple fix. Invest in a well-reviewed stick vacuum that you can tuck into a corner or small closet in your work area. Many of these have handheld attachments, too, that allow you to dust quickly and easily. And if your allergies are a problem for you, consider adding an air quality meter to your office, too. Together, these additions can help you function better and power through your work day.

Your home’s temperature can also affect your work pace, attitude, and overall well-being.

Managing your workspace with fans and room heaters can be helpful, but you should also keep an eye on your HVAC unit to avoid a breakdown during a time you most need it. Instead, look online for local options for air conditioning or heating repair and schedule a regular check-up. Be sure to read through the reviews for several companies before selecting a couple to follow up with. That way, you can investigate costs and schedule time before committing to one company.

Home Upgrades

When you think about ways to improve your home office, also consider how it will improve your home overall, especially if you decide to sell. For instance, many homebuyers are interested in eco-friendly homes that include aspects like brighter LED lighting, which lasts longer and enables you to see your work and perform better.

Plus, it lasts longer. Adding more windows in your office will also allow you to work with more natural light, which cuts down on energy costs and will impress potential buyers.

For a more impressive upgrade, you can always renovate your basement, refinishing it to accommodate both your home office and even a play area, art studio space or home gym.

While a basement renovation can be costly, it all comes down to the state of your basement, the features you want to add, and how much you can afford to spend. This is why it’s crucial to meet with several different contractors, and to get at least three bids. This ensures you find someone who understands your vision and who can fit your timeline and budget.

As a side note, if you are planning to sell, it is important to document everything you do and to keep all receipts so you can show potential buyers how important your changes have been to the home.


When you work on your own in a remote environment, organization is essential so you can stay on task and find everything when you need it. One of the best ways to keep all of your electronic files in one place is to look into cloud software, which keeps all of your documents on a protected server so you can view and work with them on your computer or while you are out and about.

On a physical level, consider adding a filing cabinet or a bulletin board where you can keep important information and reminders about upcoming appointments. A whiteboard is another great idea because you can reuse it repeatedly and save space in the process. Clearing clutter is essential in your home office because not only will you reduce what you don’t need, but, as Shape points out, more organization is also good for your mental health.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can improve your home office, including ways to increase your productivity and get organized. While some of them may have a cost, they are still affordable and will undoubtedly improve your productivity.